The hardcore angler likes to be on the bank in all weathers and all seasons; if there are fish you catch you can guarantee that they’ll be waiting for them. However, there are some weather conditions which are less than appealing – even for these anglers – and standing out in the driving sleet on a damp winter’s morning isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. There are a few things that can make angling in these conditions a little more bearable: a nice hot cup of tea or a warm meal cooked up on your stove, a night spent in the warmth of your premier bivvy, and a top quality waterproof jacket – to name just a handful. A pair of top quality boots definitely makes the list, and you won’t find a better choice than the Vass R Boot. After all, few things are worse than cold feet and numb toes – especially if they are accompanied by damp socks too. The Vass R Boot ensures that your feet are kept supremely warm, as well as bone dry, for your entire angling session. No matter how long you stay on the bank for, these boots will ensure that your feet are the last thing on your mind whilst you’re waiting for the scream from your bite alarm.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Vass R Boot is its fur lining. There is a reason most mammals are covered in fur – it is one of the best insulators known to man. Its extreme fibrous composition traps hot air expertly, keeping hot air inside your boot, as well as preventing cold draughts from entering, too. This fur lining is thick, so these boots will feel tighter than you usual size. However, over time, the fur inside the boot will become more compacted, giving you the perfect fit. These are three-quarter boots, ensuring that they come up your calf to the perfect point for a comfortable fit that allows you to enjoy your full range of movement. The upper body of the boot has been double reinforced, including the ankle, lower shin, and toe area. This is because these are the areas of the boot which most regularly come under stress. The last thing you want on the bank is for your trusty boots to develop a leak! The double reinforcement ensures that you never have to worry about your boots suffering from premature wear and tear and these boots will keep you warm and dry season in and season out.

One of the biggest benefits of the Vass R Boot is its ultra-chunky sole. This is because Vass is a brand which is dedicated to creating high quality rainwear and it understands that rain, sleet, and snow can make the ground treacherous under foot. A ladder grip on the sole bridge and additional gripping across the body of the sole ensures that you can stride out with confidence in even the most slippery conditions. Whether there is frozen mud under foot or the usually sturdy bank has turned into a quagmire, the deep grip on the sole of these boots gives you the best chance of remaining upright on the bank. This also gives you the confidence to stand up tall when you’re tackling a monster carp, without the worry that an aggressive lung will pitch you into the water.

The Vass R Boot has the added benefit of a deep heel kick. This is because Vass understands that removing your boot can be difficult, especially if your hands are wet and your boots are slick with mud. The heel kick allows you to remove your boot without touching the boot itself. If you’re looking for a top quality boot for all your wet weather angling then this Vass R Boot is the perfect choice for you.


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