Giving you a fully enclosed, two-skin capsule, with a stitched in groundsheet and receiver pocket, the Trakker SLX 100 Bivvy features a zipped rear vent, so you can easily ventilate your bivvy when you need to, but keep the less desirable weather firmly outside.

A storm peak front gives you full protection from wind and rain while you’re studying your venue, waiting for fish to show, or planning your baiting tactics with reference to likely features, while increased stability in any weather conditions is provided by durable frame supports, which ensure that, no matter what storms hit your bankside, you have no reason not to carry on fishing.

The bivvy is rated with a 10,000mm hydrostatic head, giving you full protection against the worst rain, and the dual-zip doorway, which can create a letterbox opening, or be tied back, is compatible with the 203202 Clear Window, which is available to purchase separately. There are also dual rod retaining straps for convenience

What Discipline Is It For?

Perfect for overnight carp sessions.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you’re looking for a compact bivvy that’s easy to get to the bank, quick to set up, yet still has all the functionality you’d expect, then the Trakker SLX 100 Bivvy is a durable choice for all your stopover fishing.

A bivvy needs to be durable enough to stand up to wind, rain, and some fairly extreme weather, and the SLX more than lives up to those needs, providing an effective, stylish shelter that’s backed by the Trakker brand.

Enhanced by frame supports, and with with a variety of door options, this bivvy would suit any angler looking for a comfortable night’s shelter for an extended fishing session.

What’s The Best Thing About It?

Frame supports keep you fishing through the worst weather.


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