Sometimes referred to as the Baitrunner USA, the Baitrunner Oceanic is a sea fishing reel manufactured for the American market that has taken the British shores by storm. Considered to be the perfect mid-priced sea fishing reel by many who’ve used it, the Baitrunner Oceanic utilises a whole plethora of outstanding Shimano reel technology that places it a cut above the rest. Available in four sizes, from a versatile 4000 to a power casting 12000, there is a Baitrunner Oceanic for every angler.

Constructed from Shimano’s go-to material for lightweight, robust, performance ready reels, XT-7, this is a reel that can stand up to the harshest of conditions, making it ideal for both salt and fresh water fishing. The AR-C spool, with its unique angled spool lip, working in conjunction with Varispeed, Shimano’s variable oscillation system, ensures that line lay is flawless each time.

When it comes to the retrieve this reel performs like a dream. With 3+1 ball bearings this reel is super smooth and these, combined with Floating Shaft II technology, reduce friction on the reel where it impacts it most. This means that the weakest points on most reels are the strongest on the Shimano Baitrunner Oceanic. Dyna-balance ensures that you retain full control over this reel, even when you’re tackling hard fighting big fish, and it allows you to aim for high figure weights with confidence. Super Stopper II ensures you get a solid hook set each time, too.

It almost goes without saying that this reel also features Shimano’s trademark and revolutionary Baitrunner system. This system allows the angler to set the line to achieve a controlled freespool – ideal for all big fish applications. The Oceanic is truly a revolutionary mid-priced reel, perfect for the dedicated angler, and can be used to its full potential across the disciplines.


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