The RidgeMonkey RM-Tec Fluoro line is a Sinking fluorocarbon that can be used as a coated mainline. With superior casting qualities and low stretch, the RM-Tec Fluoro is ideal for fishing heavily pressured waters with fish that get easily spooked.

The perfect middle ground between weight and castability, the high density of the line allows the line to hug the bottom contours, remaining undetected by the target species while still retaining the casting qualities of a standard monofilament,

Highly abrasion resistance and boasting low memory, the line offers strong and supple characteristics thanks to the pre-stretched mono core meaning the RM-Tec Fluoro flows effortlessly off the spool during the cast.

The line is also fast sinking so it cuts through the surface tension like a knife and settles brilliantly across the bottom, this pairs with the lines low visibility makes it suitable for all situations. With 1000m spool available in 0.33mm (15lb) and 0.37mm (20lb) breaking strain.


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